After theme research,, operational

During the past few weeks, I have spent quite a few hours researching free and commercial themes and developer frameworks for the WordPress content management system. I ended up coming full circle and using the default Twenty Eleven theme on both of my websites for now, even though it’s not exactly the theme I want. However, one of its primary advantages, at least as far as I’m concerned, is that it’s mobile-ready. I found other themes that I liked, including Premium Pixels’ Repro theme, but in most cases, they don’t seem mobile-ready. I’m willing to trade some features and looks for a mobile-friendly site, particularly since I’m one of those people who frequently visits websites on my smart phone.

The good news is that I’ve reconfigured and, setting up e-mail accounts, among other things, and both of those sites are now online and operational. I’m not completely satisfied with how they look, but you’ve got to start somewhere, right? The Twenty Eleven theme has the basic features I need, but I want to change the layout, art, and colors in order to appropriately highlight our content and also make the sites look unique.

Our next step is to start regularly posting content, while learning how to customize the Twenty Eleven themeā€”or build our own.