Officers talk about Jan. 6

From The Washington Post: ‘Some are still suffering’: Months after Capitol riot, police who fought the mob contend with physical, psychological pain.

No witness off limits in Jan. 6 investigation

From The Guardian, regarding the congressional investigation of the January 6 insurrection: Capitol attack committee chair vows to investigate Trump: ‘Nothing is off limits’

Nathan Forrest bust could be removed

The bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest is expected to be removed from the Tennessee Capitol this week, following decades of controversy over its placement. Read the story in The Tennessean here: Confederate Nathan Bedford Forrest bust expected to be moved from Tennessee Capitol this week.

Republican backlash to President Biden’s agenda

From The Guardian: “Across a vast swath of the American heartlands, the anti-Biden backlash is being replicated in Republican-controlled statehouses in what Ronald Brownstein has described in the Atlantic as a ‘collective cry of defiance.'”

Read the story here:

Dozen people responsible for most vaccine misinformation

A dozen people are responsible for most vaccine misinformation. The “disinformation dozen” have a combined following of 59 million people across multiple social media platforms. The Guardian has a short story about this: Majority of COVID misinformation came from 12 people, report finds.

Guardian investigation about few firms dominating grocery choices

The Guardian and Food and Water Watch have investigated grocery store items, and found that four or five firms dominate the market for many of the items.

Read the investigation here: The illusion of choice: five stats that expose America’s food monopoly crisis.