Guardian: Arizona Republicans introduce election subversion bill

From The Guardian: “Arizona Republicans have introduced a bill that would impose significant new voting restrictions and allow the state legislature to reject election results.

Read the story here: Arizona Republicans introduce election subversion bill | Arizona | The Guardian.

‘Maus’ tells powerful story of Holocaust survival

The “Maus” book cover is pictured above.

Since the McMinn County Board of Education unanimously agreed to pull “Maus” from its eighth-grade curriculum, I had to check out a copy from the library.

“Maus” was written by comic artist Art Spiegelman and published in 1986, and it received the Pulitzer Prize in 1992. It focuses on Art’s father Vladek and his family, including his wife Anja (Art’s mother). It starts in the mid-1930s and includes the couple’s early years, their internment in the Auschwitz concentration and death camp, and reunification after the war ended.

The story includes powerful, vivid descriptions of how Jews were treated by the Nazis and their collaborators; the fear, deprivation, brutality, terror, and death the Jewish people felt and experienced; and the occasional tale of survival and reunification.

I thought it was incredibly powerful, and it is a story that clearly should be shared. I think this might be the first account I have read from someone who survived one of Nazi Germany’s concentration and death camps in Poland and Germany.

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Clash between traditional, expert authority

I thought Dartmouth sociologist Brooke Harrington had a really enlightening thread about the clash between traditional authority and expert authority. It helped me make sense of a lot of what we are seeing politically, socially, and culturally. You can find a link to the thread below. It was in response to another thread about the clash between small business owners and large corporations.

Philosophy professor talks about dehumanization

David Smith, a philosophy professor at the University of New England, talks about dehumanization, the demonization of Jews, and how to resist dehumanization in this video from October 2020. He also discusses how one delusion spread by Qanon followers is similar to ideas dating back to at least the 12th century, showing that there is a historical precedent here.

You can watch the video on YouTube here: David Livingstone Smith “On Inhumanity” – YouTube.

Consequence culture, not cancel culture

I thought Joy Behar said something interesting on this segment of “The View” on Wednesday, January 26: “It’s not a cancel culture, it’s a consequence culture.”

I think this is something worth thinking about. Is it “cancel culture” or is it “consequence culture”? Maybe it depends?

Behar made the comment during a discussion about Neil Young telling Spotify that the company had to choose between him and Joe Rogan because of vaccine misinformation shared on Rogan’s podcast. You can watch the episode here: ‘The View’ Hosts Defend Joe Rogan: He’s ‘A Horror,’ but Don’t Boot Him Off Spotify Completely (Video) (